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Bilberry Goat Herd

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Welcome toThe Bilberry Goat Heritage Trust

The Bilberry Goat Herd came to Waterford in around 1700 and have been grazing on Bilberry Rock ever since. They are of the Landrace breed of goats.

Over the years the area of land they graze has been reduced. In 2000 there were 7 goats left.

A local family with friends and neighbours formed the unique Bilberry Goat Heritage Trust. The members set up a feeding and veterinary care programme to try and save the herd from extinction and protect their habitat.

The Rock contains unique minerals which sustain the herd. They require sufficient land to roam and graze in order to survive in an urban setting, for the people of Waterford and future generations.

The Trust depends on donations to provide additional feed and medical care for the herd.

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